Matari Backbone [MBB] is a corporation within EVE Online.
The corporation was created in 2003, since then MBB has grown into a multi-division industrial corporation serving both T1 and T2 modules and ships.

MBB is currently member of the Fate Weavers [FTW] alliance, we share a common goal and enjoy EVE in a relaxed environment.

To view our ships pricelist, click here.
We currently offer blueprint research (ME and PE), invention, copying and manufacturing to the public at a very fair price.

If you wish to enlist the services of MBB, join our ingame channel MBB Public.
If you wish to contact our corporation you may do so by:

» Joining our ingame channel MBB Public.
» Speaking to a member of Matari Backbone. (CEO: Jocca Quinn)
» Visiting our forum and making a topic.